Bee swarm removal service – in Southern Tasmania

It’s a win-win: you get rid of the swarm that’s hanging from your tree, bush or gate-post, causing you a nuisance; and Tasmanian King Bee Honey acquires a new colony of bees which, all being well, will start yielding surplus honey later in the same season.

Call Maurice Rimes

Please call as soon as possible – otherwise the bees may have flown away before they can be captured.

Other beekeepers are keen to capture swarms too. The Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association recommends particular beekeepers for servicing particular parts of southern Tasmania. Maurice’s territory is central Hobart, Sandy Bay and Hobart’s Eastern Shore from Geilston Bay to Lauderdale.

There is usually a nominal charge for the collection service, depending on location.

A colony of bees which has swarmed and then taken up ‘permanent’ residence in a compost bin or an un-used container is more difficult to deal with, but a phone call – again, as soon as possible after the unwanted bees are recognised – will usually enable the colony to be removed. However, if the bees have taken up residence in a house’s wall cavity, it is worth a phone call to a beekeeper, but it’s likely that a pest controller will have to be called in.