Start keeping bees

It’s a rewarding hobby
and it can become much more…

Maurice Rimes started keeping bees in 2007, so has recent experience of climbing that steep part of the learning curve – learning never stops with beekeeping.

Most established beekeepers are happy to share their knowledge with newcomers to the field. In southern Tasmania it’s no different. Maurice is one such beekeeper, who regards passing on knowledge and the benefits of experience as an important service in this age of increasing self-sufficiency.

Maurice can:

  • Give practical advice and assistance to prospective/new beekeepers
  • Supply in-hive colonies of bees
    • Usually ‘nucleus’ colonies
    • For instance: on loan in the Spring, with a ‘take back or pay in autumn’ arrangement,
  • Provide contacts, for instance with:
    • Beekeeping Associations – valuable membership benefits
    • Formal training through the Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association
    • Beekeepers with many years – decades – of experience, who can help with particular tricky problems
    • Equipment suppliers

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