Tasmanian King Bee Honey is a product of Rimes Apiaries**.

Maurice and Julie Rimes started their beekeping and honey business in 2007.

Since then, they have developed the business in parallel with part-time engineering consulting and education repectively. The business is based in the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay, with the beehives normally to be found on sites south of the city, within 25 km.

Maurice learned the basics of beekeeping through an Adult Education Course in 2006, and acquired his first bee hives a year later.

Julie is the business’ sales and marketing force.

Maurice first experienced beekeeping when his mother kept bees on the family farm in Devon, England in the 1950s and 60s.

This farm is now run by his sister Rosie and her husband Paul, and is certified as an organic farm by the Soil Association: www.wonnacottfarm.co.uk. They are best known for their traditional Norfolk Black Christmas free-range organic turkeys, but also produce delicious organic beef from their small herd of South Devons and organic lamb from their flock of Charollais, Roussin and Zwartbles sheep.

Another sister, Tricia, is a lifelong knitting enthusiast who shares her aunt Elizabeth Zimmermann’s revolutionary approach to knitting through workshops and lectures. Some of the wool she uses – and sells – is from Wonnacott Farm’s sheep. Now Tricia shows how a few simple techniques enable the knitter to knit the garment they really wanted to knit and also one that fits! www.triciaknitting.me.uk. Also www.knitting.about.com/od/knittingcommunity/p/Elizabeth-Zimmermann

The fourth sibling, Carrie is becoming an expert cheese maker……web address: tba

So all four siblings, having grown up on the family farm, have taken up productive occupations closely linked to the natural environment.

** The Rimes Family Trust, trading as Rimes Apiaries ABN 45 223 299 671